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"Victoria is an expert in her craft. She was hired to complete a final edit prior to my novel's release, and her performance was flawless. She offered a timely turn-around time for a reasonable price and provided an incredible amount of helpful feedback that exceeded a grammatical review. In fact, Victoria’s edit was so thorough that the publisher was comfortable moving forward with our book release without additional edits, and that’s unheard of. I will use Victoria for my future releases and highly recommend her services."

 – Sam Withrow, author of Ruled by Fate

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+ Recent proofreading work


+ Multiple works through Sid Harta Publishing (memoir, crisis memoir, historical fiction)

+ Multiple works through New Shoots Publishing (non-fiction education)

+ Ruled by Fate, Sam Withrow, Amelia Pinkis (fantasy)

+ High-Rise Blood, G.D Gaherty (crime, mystery)

+ Holding On by Letting Go, Heather Hutchison (memoir)

+ Dyed and Gone to Heaven, Liz Constable (non-fiction, art)

The Stars Aren’t Ready, Georgia Peterson (YA fiction)






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