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 I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand but I can work with you whatever your location.


+ Proofreading manuscripts – self-published, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry

+ Proofreading and copy editing business material: annual reports, marketing collateral, case studies, websites and blogs, pitch documents and RFPspresentations, social media contentreportsawards entries




+ Proofreading or copy editing?

+ Proofreading: this service is best for documents at a very final stage. Everyone has seen the text, they've made their edits, given their approval, and you're ready to hit print or publish. I will check for spelling, typos, grammar, spacing, punctuation, accuracy of phone numbers and URLs, and consistency of formatting and capitalisation. Fact-checking by arrangement.

 + Copy editing: this service is best done earlier in the process. I'll still do all of the proofreading bits, as well as comment on the use of tenses, sentence structure, the flow of the copy, and repetitive or redundant language.


+ We can discuss which option best suits your needs and I can help you decide. 

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